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Dinsmore Brings Young Boy Custom Orthotics

A Young boy recently got to try out his first pair of new custom orthotics thanks to 3D printing experts at Dinsmore Inc. This year, the additive manufacturing service provider presented Imre Patterson, who was born with a femoral discrepancy which causes one leg to be shorter than the other. His family began working with Dinsmore to create an alternative to Imre’s traditionally manufactured foam boot in an effort to improve his quality of life and active lifestyle. The team leveraged HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to produce a nylon PA12-based lattice that was lighter and more durable than the original foam orthotic.


The team turned to Carbon’s DLS technology to make a durable, lightweight and responsive midsole using elastomeric polyurethane-base material. These second-generation pairs have been dubbed “Imre 2.0” by the Dinsmore team and are completely scalable. That way they can put a scale model on it as he grows. In addition to creating one-off, custom parts, the project gives engineers the ability to design upon previous data and adapt it for future applications.


Original Article: https://www.tctmagazine.com/3d-printing-news/dinsmore-custom-3d-printed-orthotic-midsole/


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