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Drizzle - A Tree based shoe made 1.7x lighter than sneakers

Experience everyday comfort powered by tree tencel and charcoal. Your feet will thank you. 

We're Drip Design Studios, and we make quality outdoor gear. We believe in functionality. It's what we strive for in every product we design. Our journey started in 2019 from a small studio in NY.  We developed a team of friends and designers with a drive to create timeless products with a focus on durability and functionality. Since then, we've produced headwear and outdoor apparel focused on details - All designed and created by our team in NY.  Each product is detail oriented and ensured to last.

This is Drizzle. The hybrid sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the functionality of water shoes, the performance of running sneakers, the technical durable materials of hiking shoes, all styled with a simple and easy everyday aesthetic. 

This  project will take our  even further by introducing you to a shoe which is crafted with a  4-way knit Tree Tencel lyocell combo. This is the first time such a supreme fiber has been used for an everyday shoe- making them even more durable than hiking shoes. The result is an incredibly soft, versatile sneaker that you can feel 100% proud of wearing. What we came up with is an amazing feeling sneaker which is super comfy and waterproof.

 From the subway to the shore, move in comfort. 

Designed with an emphasis on performance, these sneakers are ready to hit the road at all times. Naturally air texturized fibers keep assist with a cool airflow, while the activated charcoal and bamboo blend eliminate odor causing bacteria. These are the ideal shoes to wear all day at work, or while you take in the wildlife on your next adventure. 

Tree tencel lyocell brings breathability and moisture management to a new level. An eco friendly material with extra ling fibers, treated with agion,  allows the Drizzle collection to be one of the best outdoor sneakers in the footwear industry. The natural moisture wicking abilities of cotton paired with agion allow these sneakers to resistant small amount of water, and they dry 3x faster than sneakers when fully emerged in water.

 1.7x Lighter than running sneakers with 0 compromise in performance.

Inspired by performance running sneakers, we emphasized on creating a lightweight pair of shoes that can feel comfortable while running for miles at a time.  This focus of performance lead us to modern natural fibers which are not only lightweight, but boast moisture management and breathability. 

These are not your average synthetic running shoes. Inspired by performance footwear, the fiber components of the sneaker was a top priority. We needed fibers that not only feel comfortable and breathable, but can outperform the typically running sneaker. We've crafted these sneakers with tree tencel lyocell- a unique blend which allows the sneakers to be super water resistant, as well as keep a comfortable and breathable airflow.

  Step into comfort with our shock eliminating sole. Focused on performance, the sole of our sneaker is made from a combination of recycled rubber and plant based Koba. Both of our eco-friendly materials are boosted with an ergonomic spiral design. This assists in eliminating shock, as well as allows a full range of flexibility- ideal for hikes and long days in the city. 

With anti slip waffle design, we aimed to keep these shoes on track. Regardless of terrain and environment, the sole of  Drizzle allows maximum grip. Our ergonomic design features small grip hexagons which assist in keeping the sole slip resistant, and great for upward mobility, as well as running in wet or damp surfaces.

With simple aesthetics are the forefront of our design process, we wanted to add simple functional details, while keeping it simple. A small steel d-ring at the loop of the hem allows you to clip your Drizzles to your bag or suitcase. Being lightweight at only 6.7 ounces, you can easily carry them onto a flight, or thrown them into a bag for a day of adventure.

Charcoal boast many benefits, the most notable being it naturally eliminates stench cause by fungal bacteria. The activated charcoal and bamboo, paired with the naturally fast drying fibers, makes these the ideal shoes to wear all day without creating an awful smell.

With passion comes authentic drive. Our small team of four designers has a combined 20 years experience in technical design and supply chain management, and we are here to shake up the apparel game. Using only the highest grade textiles combined with modern treatments, we aim to bring a new level of comfort and functionality to the outdoors. 


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/721009901/drizzle-a-tree-based-shoe-made-17x-lighter-than-sneakers

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