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Earth Runners- Minimalist Outdoor Sandals

We offer an experience similar to going barefoot where you'll forget you even have shoes on but don't feel limited to where you can go.

Earth Runners are original minimalist earthing footwear inspired by the world renowned long distance runners, the Tarahumara Indians of Northwestern Mexico. Our barefoot technology recreate that one-of-a-kind primal experience of living grounded to the earth, similar to how all life has evolved here on earth throughout time. We feature a custom molded sole with zero drop from heal to toe, providing an experience similar to going barefoot while still enjoying a measure of safety from varied terrains or street hazards. The minimal design of our sandals help build the inherent foundational strength of the feet and establish a solid foundation.

The idea of living connected to the earth is an ancient practice that has received a lot of attention in recent years. The book Earthing addresses our lost connection with the earth over the past century, including many studies supporting the benefits of living a more grounded lifestyle. Our new copper impregnated conductive laces attach to a copper plug on the bottom of the sandal allowing you to stay grounded to the earth throughout the day while still enjoying the luxury of high performance rubber tread.

Our new Earth Runners come in two thicknesses offering different levels of protection and ground feel. All are sandals are custom molded to ensure a snug fit right out of the box. Over time our sandals continue to mold to the shape of your foot and ensure a great fit. We’ve tested our sandals across hundreds of miles of terrain over the past year and now we are excited to share them with the world!

Our project goal is to launch our new custom molded Vibram and Birkenstock tread options along with our conductive laces to raise the money we need to streamline our manufacturing process of Earth Runner USA-made sandals. We’re passionate about promoting a more grounded way of living that’s possible when we connect with the Earth on a regular basis.

We’ve formed a network of suppliers and potential distributors that allows us to produce and share our sandals. Now all we need is a kickstart to bring these sandals to you! Your support will not be used for general business expenses, but to specifically cover the following costs associated with the first batch of our new sandals:

To get grounded through our barefoot technology we invite you to pledge today to receiveover 20% off retail.  As a way of saying thanks, orders from our first fifty backers will be fulfilled three weeks in advance of remaining orders.  Thank you for your interest and contribution to this Kickstarter project!


Earth Runners combine ancient design with modern manufacturing to create the ultimate sandal experience. Lightweight and durable in design our sandals are built to hold up in all outdoor applications for years to come. Our earthing shoes keep you grounded to the earth's zero potential with every step.

Voltmeter tests confirm the charge of the human body is negligible while wearing grounded footwear on the Earth’s naturally conductive surface. When we are grounded our bodies are maintained at zero volts – the same electrical potential as the Earth. 

Alpha Earth Runners

Features a custom molded 10mm lightweight Birkenstock tread sole that provides the extra protection to go longer distances.

Circadian Earth Runners 

Features a custom molded 6mm high performance Vibram tread that offers the closest thing to going barefoot.

Starting at $45

  • Without Leather Bedding $45     *Our best option for wet conditions
  • With leather bedding $55


  • Nylon Laces
  • Conductive Nylon Laces (+ $7)


Our Signature Lacing System (SLS) combines features of adjustability and comfort into a free and easy ride.  We use fine weave climbing grade nylon webbing attached through corrosive resistant loops. A locking buckle secures the heel strap in place while also providing added downhill stability. This design enables distinct control over both the thong and ankle strap tension to ensure a custom fit. Our nylon laces are available in conductive or non-conductive. Leather lacing is also available in 1/4" brown or black leather (Leather laces are only available on our Alpha model).


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1287298052/earth-runners-minimalist-outdoor-sandals

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