ECCO the leader in innovative comfort footwear and leather goods has taken up customized footwear. The project, Quant-U, revolves around developing customized 3D printed midsoles. The project is currently in the pilot phase and the service is only available at ECCO’s concept store in Amsterdam. ECCO was founded by Karl Toosbuy in 1963 and since then has turned into a complete supply chain. Their innovation lab looks as innovative concepts to bring revolution to the footwear industry. Quant-U focuses on three core concepts for creating 3D printed midsoles; real-time analysis, data-driven design, and in-store 3D printing.


To begin creating footwear an anatomical scan and sensor data are used to create a digital footprint. After this the individual puts on sensor-filled shoes and walks on a treadmill. Then the digital patter of the wearer’s midsole in imprinted on the silicone, based on data analysis. The process is completed using machine learning and structural simulations. Lastly, the 3D printed midsoles are fixed to ECCO’s classic flexure shoe model. It only takes about two hours to manufacture a pair of customized shoes. likes seeing 3D printed shoes continue to expand like this. Customers will be able to get an individual pair of shoes that are a perfect fit.


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