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Evonik And Cubicure Technology

German company Evonik has a partnership with Cubicure to make materials for its Hot Lithography technology. Cubicure Hot Lithography processes materials with a higher impact strength, toughness and heat deflection than those typically used in “cold
 SLA processes. The two companies have been developing custom formulations for the method to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing. They expect the first products to be available in the near future and will be showing a preview at Formnext 2019 in November. Cubicure was founded in 2015, and Hot Lithography was discovered in an attempt to expand the material choices for SLA 3D printing. As the name suggests, Cubicure increases the operating temperature of its lithography systems. Depending on the material selected, this can be up to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.


A heated plate carries thin layers of material into the processing area where it is then selectively cured by a precision laser-scanning-system. Cubicure can ensure the temperature of the material remains constant, removing working with viscous materials. With Evonik, they have been able to develop flexible polymers for Hot Lithography. The flexible Hot Lithography polymers from Evonik are a one-component resin referred to as 1K. With 1K there is no pre-mixing required in the preparation stages, so they can be applied directly to the printing process. The elastomer-like properties facilitate applications such as 3D printed sealing, grommets, bellows, shock absorbers, protective covers, and shoe soles. We could maybe even see this method applied to more than just shoe soles in the future.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/evonik-and-cubicure-to-develop-materials-for-hot-lithography-3d-printers-162433/


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