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Fishing Nets Become Filaments

One man is determined to revolutionize the 3D printing industry in Cornwall. Ian Falconer is looking into turning broken fishing needs into raw materials that can become fins for surfboards, parts for cars, shoes and even clothing. Falconer is using his skills and knowledge from the mining industry to transform the way fishing fleets in Cornwall dispose of an recycle nets at the end of their life by turning them into material for the 3D printing industry. He created a machine and process that turns fishing nets into polymer filaments that 3D printers need. With the new company Fishy Filaments, Ian will be able to tackle the new problem by working with the fishing industry to provide a cost-effective disposal route for as much used plastic as possible.


3D printing has expanded into areas such as electronics, biomedical, pharmaceuticals and construction, to fashion and sports equipment manufacturing. As mentioned about we will see the materials applied to 3D printed shoes. This is why the innovation has caught the attention of 3DShoes.com. At first he will only work with nets that have been gathered from fishing boats rather than ones that have ended up in the sea and on beaches. By going to school to learned about the environment, energy, and pollution Ian found the sand and dirt in ghost nets would break the machine that turns them into filaments. Falconer believes his idea is something that has never been brought to 3D printing before.


Original Article: http://www.cornwalllive.com/news/business/3d-printing-fishing-nets-revolution-647043


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