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FitStation 3D Personalized Running Shoes

A few months ago HP revealed FitStation, a platform that is powered by 3D technology, that provides individualized, custom-fitted footwear. The process uses 3D foot scanning and gait analysis to provide shoe recommendations for off-the-shelf shoes and shoe insoles. HP’s Sprout and Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology work with the FitStation platform. The company also works with sportswear and footwear companies, including Superfeet and DESMA. Brooks Running Company, which sells performance gear and accessories, is teaming up with HP and Superfeet to develop a running shoe based on a person’s biomechanics. Brooks will leverage its own Run Signature and HP’s FitStation that follows similar principals of creating footwear to work with a runner’s natural motion, to deliver personalized running footwear.


The company works to provide a personalized running experience and will improve its Run Signature with the help of partners. FitStation is able to 3D scan and analyze to determine a runner’s own path of motion and create a digital profile to combine biomechanics, experience, and fit. They are able to use a runner’s personal preferences, foot pressure measurements, and movement analysis of their joints to create personalized midsoles that have several turned zones. All of these factors are looked at to make sure that each runner can achieve the motion path and running experience they require. With 3D printed Shoes like this Brooks will be capable of creating great shoes for consumers. Good partnership helps companies like 3DShoes.com continue to expand and impress.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/195705/hp-fitstation-brooks/


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