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Flexible 3D Printing Filaments

Using flexible 3D printed materials can provide a lot of advantages for 3D printed footwear. It allows for us to make wearables, shoe soles, clothing, and even buttons. The most popular are thermoplastic elastomers, which are both tough and flexible and are available through Ninjaflex and Filaflex. These types of materials can be used for slippers, orthotics and many other soft things. When it comes to 3D printed shoes, flexible material is something consumers will want. There are also mild issued that can come from using flexible materials. Bowden tube based systems have difficulty printing them because they can get stuck or not be able to be pressed through. Although most Bowden system will have issues, they can be upgraded with specific extruders for flexibles. You can also look into the site Gyrobot for a guide on how to 3D print flexible filaments.


As far as flexible filaments go, there are TPEs, Copolymers, Copolyesters, PCLs, and Flex PLAs. Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) are very popular bulk plastics that can be found in your shoes, roof, window frames or your car. The popular TPE that is used for 3D printing is Recreus’ Filaflex. Copolymers consist of materials such as ABS, SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), polystyrene butadiene styrene and HIPS. Caution is recommended for these materials because styrene and other fumes can come from them. Copolyester is modified polyester that is made by many companies and has good chemical resistance. As for PCLs (polycaprolactone), it is a very tough and flexible bioabsorbable, biodegradable and compostable material. PCL also prints at 120 degrees, which is much lower than the temperature most things are 3D printed at. Flex PLA filaments are mainly made of PLA but also have added fillers and plasticizers to make them more flexible. A Flex PLA filament will have less chemical and abrasive resistance, and be less soft. Products 3DShoes.com features could someday use many of these filaments.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/190249/flexible-3d-printing-filaments-2/


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