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FlipSlip - 2nd Pair that every woman needs!

Introducing the FlipSlip! The 2nd pair that EVERY woman needs.

FlipSlips are foldable designer flats on the go that can easily fit into a small purse or a pocket. We have reduced the shoe to the size of an iPhone and made it fold so that it doesn't get your purse dirty.


The FlipSlip's Unique Patented Technology is the only shoe that folds sole-to-sole and has a reversible upper so it is compressible and hygienic.


FlipSlips have a high quality neoprene upper that makes it waterproof, yet breathable for all occasions. The padded, foam cushion insole makes walking a comforting breeze. Flip Slip is TRULY an all-purpose shoe and you'ill love it!


We launched the Crowd-Design Project on Indiegogo to increase the designs in our foldable shoes collection and are doing so by actively involving artists from our creative community.

So how does this work exactly? 

We called on designers from all over the U.S. to help us create the newest Flip Slips foldable shoes to put into production. They each had a couple of weeks to create the design and build a prototype and were given our pre-existing design to use as the base. In exchange, they received an opportunity to have fun sharing their talent with the world, receive full recognition for their work, learn about the process behind making shoes, as well as get a chance to be fairly compensated along the way; each artist will receive a percent of the profit from their designs.

We have the factory and all the molds, dyes and lasts needed to manufacture the shoes. All of our shoes are hand-made and we will source all the materials needed to make a high-quality replica of the original artwork. As an added bonus, by pre-ordering a pair of our designer shoes, you’ll also get to take part in the entire creative process and provide feedback on the final design, as well as receive photos and be kept posted on the progress of your shoes.

Each pair that we pre-sale puts us one step closer to meeting our funding goal!


In order to truly make this project a success, we are giving our supportive communities the opportunity to decide which shoes get put into production by pre-ordering a replica from our designer collection.

A "winning design" is one that meets the factory minimum of 200 pairs. If we can exceed our campaign goals (with your help) we will make more designs as we meet the factory minimums so you'll have more designs to choose from.

* In case your design does not meet minimums, at the end of the campaign we will give you the option to choose from a winning design, get our classic shoes, or we will offer a refund.

The benefits of supporting this campaign.

For as low as $15, you can get the ultra compact Pocket-FlipSlips --- it has a soft foldable sole, and it’s great for emergency back-up use. You will also get an invitation to our San Francisco Launch Party in August and make a charitable donation to Kiva.org, a non-profit on a mission to alleviate poverty by empowering entrepreneurs through micro-loans.

You can also get our Classic Flip Slips in your choice of 32 different colors! You will have a chance to vote on the top 5 colors, and ALL of our shoes come with an expandable Flip-Tote bag to carry your other shoes in.

You can take part in our Community Design Project and support our fellow designers:

You can take a look at our Designer Gallery to see each one and learn more about each design and artist. Please Hurry! The first 200 purchases for each category will receive a 15% discount on their order.

We want to bring you a high-quality, handcrafted replica of the original artwork made by each artist. Our factory is ready to go and we already have all the molds and everything we need to get going. The only thing that we need to get going is money.

We are seeking partners to help us SPREAD the love even more!

Join Us.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate individuals and calling on artists to help with our project. If you want to join our team and work together to achieve our dreams, e-mail us at info@flipslip.com

We hope you’ll love FlipSlips as much as we do. REMEMBER: There are two BIG ways you can support us, you can Like us on Facebook and [SPREAD] the word to all your friends about our project, or back us and receive a pair of our shoes!

Thanks Indiegogo! We’ll see you on the Flip Side!


The Benefits: Replica of Winning Design


Designer Collection


FlipSlip Gallery: Meet Our Talented Designers

(All of our FlipSlips come with an expandable FlipTote Bag to carry your other shoes).

SIZES: Women's 6 to 11. A survey will be sent at the end of the campaign. We will try to accommodate more colors and sizes.


Designer #1: "Exotic Romance" by Meline Katchi

$79.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select LUX Collection)
$90.00 - Regular Price (Select LUX Collection)

Exotic Romance by Katchi

CHECK Out Exotic Romance in Detail: http://bit.ly/LLJvzA

Exotic Romance.

About: Meline Katchi is Co-Founder of Sophisticated Primitive at Sophisticated Primitive, Shoemaker [Traditional Shoe Construction], Industrial Design Student at Art Center College of Design at Nu Sole.


Designer #2: "Jupiter Exterra" by James Foster Jr.

$79.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select LUX Collection)
$90.00 - Regular Price (Select LUX Collection)

Jupiter Exterra

 Watch a Video about the Jupiter Exterra: http://youtu.be/0UM37u7uh4I

See Photo Album: http://bit.ly/KekKu9

The Jupiter Exterra is an athletic sneaker that is comfortable, durable, flexible and folds for easy compact storage in a small gym bag or purse.

Artist's Bio: James Foster Jr. is a Product Designer with an extensive background in 2D/3D CAD, visual communications, retail merchandizing and consumer marketing. 

*Available in men's and women's sizes. We'll accommodate as many sizes and styles as possible.


Designer #3: "Peep Toe Antoinette" by Michele Woodford

$79.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select LUX Collection)
$90.00 - Regular Price (Select LUX Collection)

Peep Toe Antoinette

CHECK Out Peep Toe Antoinette in Detail: http://bit.ly/Lmxkd8

The Peep Toe Antoinette Flip Slip in ivory is a great alternative to the classic bridal shoe, can be used as a "second pair" for dancing, or for the reheasal dinner, and then tossed in the honeymoon bag for romantic dinners.  

Featuring a crystal pull tab and beaded French style lace, the Antoinette is also adorned with a vintage style faux shoe clip.

Artist:Michele Woodford, formally a 7th Avenue Knitwear Designer for Calvin Klein Ltd. and Parsons School of Design graduate, now resides in beautiful Marin County, CA.  Currently known as ifanhour on etsy.com Michele designs one of a kind and alternative wedding gowns and accessories and pursues eclectic and sustainable design projects.


Designer #4: "Metallic Strappers" by RAYMONDCHO

$79.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select LUX Collection)
$90.00 - Regular Price (Select LUX Collection)

Metallic Strappers by RaymondCho

View the Color Collection and Romanticly Ruching: http://bit.ly/KhWJVE

About Metallic Strappers:

Artist RaymondCho wanted to put the straps in a much more fashion forward way using thinner straps and placing them along the back and wrapping the ankle of the foot.  This metallic finish can come in gold or silver or copper or colors that utilize metallic material. Features a bit of a point for a more interesting and fashion-forward look. The backing that supports the strap can come up 1 inch - 2 inches as long as it sits just on the ankle or above it. This shoe can be worn with a cocktail dress after a party to show off straps or with any shorter bottom piece in any other occasion to best show off the full design of the shoe. 

About RaymondCho: http://bit.ly/JMms8F



Designer #5: "Heart Deco" by Don Bloom

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)
$64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)


Heart Deco by Don Bloom


About Heart Deco: Bloom tried to design a shoe that will work with a lot of clothing styles. The Art Deco design gives this shoe a more elegant look and the heart theme is one that is very popular in all types of fashion. The embellished bottom of the heel with an embossed design that echos the top design elements.

By Artist: Don Bloom graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA and has over 30 years experience in the commercial art field, concentrating on package design, portraits, illustrations and fine art. Recently he designed a number of metal Art Deco elements for the historic  Wiltern Center in LA. Check out his unique stainless steel license plate designs < www.PL8EFX.com >


Designer #6: "Urban Flip Slip" By Agnese Purvinska

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)
$64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)

Urban FlipSlip

"Urban Flip Slip" is a Party Version of the Original Flip Slip.

It is covered in Neon Green Fishnet Stocking with Additional Glossy Vinyl Detail. A play on a classic Chanel Ballet Flat with an Urban Twist.

About: Agnese Purvinska is an artist in New York City, who spends her days pounding the sidewalks in what always turn out to be the least comfortable shoes. She is thrilled to have finally come across comfortable versatile flats to change into.



Designer #7: "Neon Jungle Series" by Malarts

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)
$64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)

The Neon Jungle Series

Neon Jungle Series can be viewed at: http://bit.ly/JbpLlp

80's inspired print from everyone's favorite creature: the party animal!

Artist's Bio: Malarts is an illustrator and digital designer by trade, and a multiple medium artist on his own time. His interest are finding ways to reconcile traditional art & craft with modern technology and tools. You can see some of what Malarts is up to here: http://www.malarts.net



Designer #8: "Sunkiss" by Lilian Lane

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)
$64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)

Sunkiss by Lilian Lane

Sunkiss: Main focus of the design was color and print. The orange satin on both the toe and the heel give it a chic look with the help of the bow which makes it playful. The print has a hint of orange which ties the shoe together and makes it kind of uniformed. The medallion in the middle gives the shoe a little attitude and conservativeness at the same time.

Submitted by Lilian Lane, Washington, DC.: Creative Fashion Director, Branding and Management Enthusiast. About: http://bit.ly/J0Tfbd



Designer #9: "ProduceKicks: GoGo Grapes" by Aaron Duncan

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)  $64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)

GoGo Grapes by Aaron Duncan

Go-Go Grapes Photo Album: http://photobucket.com/pkproduce

A plum purple FlipSlip with apple green elastic straps and silken vine embroidery across the front, inspired by fresh produce and colors. Ideal for outfits of bold colors and pairs well for wine tasting.

Please inquire about Produce Kicks Go-Go Grapes and PK Preppy (alternative design) available in children’s (girl’s) sizes.

About Artist: Aaron Duncan, a huge sneaker enthusiast, founder and owner of Produce Kicks, a work-in-progress project, was born and raised in Chicago but now lives in Sacramento, Calif., working with local youth. When not at work, he practices yoga, sings and rhymes a lot, is a huge sports fan, and has a love for fashion and eating fresh fruit. 



Designer #10: "Sautéed Heartbeat Designs" by Amanda Zaccone

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)
$64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)

Sautéed Heartbeat Designs

Aesthetic Design Description: This design is from Amanda's "Spring Theory" series of fine art paintings which is a collection of abstract images  which emphasize color, shape-form, and line work. Additionally, "Spring Theory" is an exploration of atmospheric space. Each exciting design is expressive and unique.

Artist Bio: Amanda Zaccone holds two Associates of Arts degrees from American River College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with emphasis in Drawing and Painting and a Teaching Credential in Art from Sacramento State. In addition to her love for Art, she is passionate to share these experiences with others and would like to combine that with a teaching career.

Amanda is currently a figure drawing art model at many Sacramento area colleges including those where she received her education and continues to explore her artwork and various projects while pursuing her ultimate career goal as a college professor of Art.



Designer #11: "Painted FlipSlip" by Jena Woodfork

$56.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection) $64.00 - Regular Price (Select Shoe Aficionado Collection)


 A painted FlipSlip by artist Jena Woodfork.



Designer #12: "Paradise" by Chad Berwald 

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)

Paradise by Chad Berwald

A  Bird of Paradise is hand painted using fabric paint. The flower compliments the structure of the Flip Slip. Perfect for the spa, walking around the garden, or taking along on a tropical vacation.
Availble in black (first) and in different color backgrounds as availability permits.

Artist's Bio: Chad Berwald, Ventura County,CA. Berwald has been using fabric paint to create t-shirt designs as well as silk- screening. His series " Blooming" has been in local art shows in San Francisco such as Pancakes and Booze Art Show and Trickster Events, Aline's Closet boutique and now at Hair To Dye For Salon. Find out about Berwald's work at: http://www.chadberwald.com/



Designer #13: "Meow" by Linda Marie

Early-Bird Price $42.00 - (Select The Embellished Collection)
Regular Price $49.00 - (Select The Embellished Collection)

Meow by Linda Marie

Meow Detail Photo: http://bit.ly/L2pzWm

Meow is a leopard print bow with rhinestones and a rose patch at toe. Love patch at side rear. Perfect shoe for loafing around the house, or taking on a Safari expedition. 

About Designer Linda Marie: www.shapeofmyart.net 



Designer #14: "The Strap Marquee" by Art & Mayhem

Early-Bird Price $42.00 - (Select The Embellished Collection)
Regular Price $49.00 - (Select The Embellished Collection)

Strap Marquee by Art and Mayhem

Strap Marquee detail photo: http://bit.ly/JQjPRG

Artist's Statement: When we received the FlipSlip we felt the design reflected a basic simplicity that we wanted to maintain for convenience and comfort. The Strap Marquee “The Shoe That Expresses Comfort Each Step of the Way” will display positive words/phrase on the strap, preserving the FlipSlip font style on silkscreen. This shoe speaks from the soul, here are some ideas that came to mind to express our comfort:

- Moving On
- Little Steps
- Kick It

Funders will have a chance to submit and vote on phrases to display on the Strap Marquee. Perfect for a more personalized gift for a loved one.

About Art & Mayhem: Gabriel Alcaraz is a seasoned artist from the Los Angeles area that has experience in the art of tattooing, fashion design, murals, innovative creations and formal presentations.

Designer #15: "Flip Slip Flats" by Matthew Ronan

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)

Simplified by Matthew Kent Ronan

Flip Slip Flats: With an iconic and classic design these solid color Flip Slip Flats will be your go-to shoe, looking chic with any spring or summer outfit.

Please choose your favorite color pictured when selecting. Top color will be made availble first and additional colors will be made available as permitted.

Bio: Matthew Ronan is a fine artist and designer from San Francisco, California. While he works at a Film Studio in Marin County,  he is also selling his own Fine Art, and Jewelry in a few local SF boutiques. See more of his work at www.MatthewRonan.com

Designer #16: "Maid of Honor" by Geneva Forte

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)

Geneva Forte

The "Maid of Honor" is the perfect back-up shoe to bring along to a wedding or to give to all the bride's maids after the ceremony is over, the photos have been taken, the cake's been cut, and it's time for the real party to start! This shoe will be available in ivory for the design base.

About: Geneva Forte holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts from Cleveland State University, as well as a technical degree from Virginia Marti College.



Designer #17: "Bow-Tox" by Ooph Creative

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)

Bow Tox

Embellish your FlipSlips with a bow. We will provide various options to choose from.
Artist: Mirel Goldwasser is a graphic designer from Ooph Creative in Lakewood, NJ.
About:  www.oomphsite.com 



Designer #18: Yanovski Stud

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)


Stud: by artist Jacqueline Yanovski, who loves to dress in the latest fashions.
Even though maternity fashion is not as hard to find as it used to be, shoes will always be a pregnant womans fashionable outlet. Perfect for a maternity gift for a mom-to-be or a birthday... we'll work to provide birthstone-color options.

Designer #19: "Simplistic Comfort" by Joanne Lee

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)

Simplistic Comfort by J Lee

Simplistic Comfort gold beaded design by Joanne Lee, a fine artist that mostly works within the realm of painting and other 2D experiments.

Designer #20: "Interchangeable" by Leslie Mahon

$42.00 - Early-Bird Price (Select The Embellished Collection)
$49.00 - Regular Price (Select The Embellished Collection)


Check out more photos of interchangeable's accessories and side view. http://bit.ly/LdoGwd

Featuring interchangeable accessories that are attached by stretching loops over fabric buttons on each side. This concept creates endless looks.  You can change instantly from sporty to dressy, from the office to the dance floor and anywhere inbetween by changing the multiple interchangeable accessory styles that FlipSlip will offer.  Any fashionista will have fun matching the accessories to all of her different looks.

Thanks for checking out our project on Indiegogo!

In order to truly make this a success, we need your help! Although this is a competition, with your help – ALL designs that meet our factory minimums will be made. All the artists can win. All of us can take one step towards achieving our dreams – together. We hope you'll support us and our fellow designers and artists.

Winning Together

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