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Formless Heels

Digital Artisan, JSR Corporation, and Castem have all partnered together to create “formless” high heel shoes. Using an M2 3D printer they made 3D printed molds to form casts of the wedged metal heels. With generative design technology, each pair can be tailored to the appropriate shape based on the weight and direction of force applied by its wearer. The process produced intricately webbed heels that support various weight and shoe sizes. The forms were 3D printed into molds using a JSR-owned M2 which operates with Digital Light Synthesis technology. Using a Lost Wax Method by Castem, the heels were then produced. JSR also provided the casting alloys for the heels.


The director of Digital Artisan, Masaharu Ono, plans to use the formless heels as a concept model for mass customization. Heels are not the only part of a shoe being 3D printed. As mentioned recently, ECCO developed 3D printed midsoles for its Quant-U shoe. Also, Ica & Kostika launched a fully 3D printed shoe collection titled Exobiology. The Shoes are shaped liked exoskeletons, similar to the Formless heels. Those shoes, however, mimic sea life such as corals and seahorses.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/digital-artisan-castem-and-jsr-create-formless-heels-using-carbon-m2-3d-printer-151528/


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