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FuelCell Echo Triple Sneaker

New Balance is adding to its TripleCell 3D printing platform with the addition of the FuelCell Echo Triple sneaker. The 3D printed shoe will launch on September 27th with a retail value of $175 and features a 3D printed forefoot using Formlabs technology. It is a new take on the FuelCell Echo and follows the release of their New Balance 990 Sport. The partnership between New Balance and OEM Formlabs was revealed in 2017. Both companies announced a goal to develop high-performance materials and hardware while developing manufacturing for athletic footwear. With this partnership came the creation of a photopolymer called Rebound Resin. The material is designed to create springy, resilient lattice structures with durability, reliability, and longevity.


During the Digital Factory Conference, New Balance Athletics demonstrated various 3D printed structures made from the previously unnamed resin. Structures made from Rebound Resin were used to form the heel of the 990 Sport, maintaining cushioning and making it 10% lighter. This has been further enhanced with the FuelCell Echo Triple Shoe. The Design of the FuelCell Echo Triple includes hundreds of precisely shaped and mapped out design elements. It’s engineered to deliver long-lasting high rebound and cushioning to improve running performance. The TripleCell technology can be found at the forefoot of the shoe, located at the front of the sneaker. One of the notable benefits of 3D printing is that it eliminated the use of molds, which lengthen and create extra costs in the product development process.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/new-balance-and-formlabs-reveal-triplecell-sneaker-with-upgraded-3d-printed-forefoot-162012/


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