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Future Fusion Peak3D Sneakers

Peak sports have released a pair of 3D printed sneakers as part of the Future Fusion Peak3D brand. They feature a 3D printed sole as well as upper and quarter sections of the shoe. Produced with TPU material, and 3D printed using both SLS and FDM/FFF additive manufacturing technology. 600 pairs of the sneakers, priced at $189, sold out only moments after their release. The Future Fusion Peak3D sneakers had an online release since July 5th and are a significant change from shoes made with just a 3D printed insole or midsole. The production of uppers involves cutting of mesh fabrics, but woven 3D printed fabrics are passed through a loom for a light, breathable surface. Peak Sports is using bespoke 3D printers to manufacture the sneakers.


One of the company’s partners is Z-Sharp 3D Technology who recently invested $3 million into a new TPU 3D printing facility. In 2018 Peak Sports announced the world’s first volleyball shoes made using 3D printing. The sneakers were introduced by Xu Zhihua of Peak Sports and an Olympic volleyball member Ding Xia. The company had also released a pair of sneakers integrating SLS 3D printed midsoles. Peak Sport’s goal is to be the most international, professional, and innovative sports brand in China.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/peak-sport-presents-sneakers-using-3d-printing-beyond-the-midsole-158472/


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