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Ganit Goldstein Innovation

Ganit Goldstein has found her niche by incorporating 3D printing with the art of weaving. A graduate from Israel’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, she recently partnered with 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys. Goldstein is designing footwear inspired by the Japanese Ikat weaving technique, which she learned while she was an exchange student at the Tokyo University of the Arts. The project became an exhibition names “Between the Layers” and showcased at venues around the world including San Francisco, Israel, and in New York City. Ganit has been sewing for as long as she can remember, and often makes her clothes. As she entered college brands like Adidas and Nike began experimenting with 3D printing. She saw the potential for more efficient, comprehensive, manufacturing processes. But she also saw a shoe that fits your feet in a way that traditional shoes cannot.


Over the years Goldstein’s home country has become a major player of global innovation. 3D printing allows for experimenting with different materials and filaments to see what works best. Bezalel allowed for a lot of that because it’s an open space. Recently Ganit wrapped up a residency program in Pforzheim, Germany, where she produced a shoe collection. By this September, she will become a student again in a multi-venue artist program called Re-FREAM. She will be able to use her research in smart textile development to figure out how to make her designs wearable, comfortable, and more commercially available. She believes that footwear is the one place where 3D printing could take off, and I cannot wait to see how right she could be.


Original Article: https://www.fromthegrapevine.com/innovation/ganit-goldstein-bezalel-fashion-shoe-design-tech


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