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HILOS, A Pioneer In 3d-printing, Introduces The Studio Platform For Footwear

During Art Basel Miami Beach, HILOS highlighted their collaboration with Unknown Union, a cutting-edge fashion house that has introduced innovative designs crafted using the HILOS Studio platform.

HILOS introduced its new Studio platform, providing a space for brands and independent designers to showcase their extraordinary on-demand footwear.

HILOS has successfully developed a groundbreaking supply chain that caters to the demands of on-demand footwear. This innovative system enables a diverse range of low-volume runs to adapt and evolve in response to market trends. HILOS Studio's recent debut signifies a notable shift from solely focusing on women's fashion footwear to becoming a versatile platform for on-demand footwear across various industries, ranging from technical outdoor to luxury.

Approximately 24 billion shoes are manufactured annually. Approximately 20% end up in landfills. HILOS is revolutionizing the global shoe industry by combining technology and sustainable craftsmanship to create meticulously crafted shoes without any waste. 3D printing is revolutionizing the craft industry by allowing for unparalleled customization and the creation of intricate and complex designs that were previously difficult to achieve using traditional methods. HILOS Studio empowers brands and independent designers to utilize cutting-edge HILOS technology for designing and developing footwear that is future-oriented, on-demand, and sustainable.

Unknown Union, a creative fashion house that seamlessly combines art, culture, and history, makes its debut this week at Art Basel Miami Beach with an opulent sandal.

Influential figures in the footwear and fashion industries support this new brand platform. Jonathan Cheung, who has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, has been a trusted advisor to the company for a considerable amount of time. Eric Sprunk, formerly the COO of Nike and currently on the board at HILOS; Greg Bui, formerly the VP of Global Manufacturing for Footwear at Nike; and James Carnes, formerly the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Adidas, joined him this year. Alex Valdman, who has experience as Creative Director at Rapha and Allbirds, and Cooper Gill, who has worked as Creative Director at Arcteryx, provided creative direction. Christopher Morency, who previously served as Chief Brand Officer at Vanguards Group, handled market strategy.

For more information on HILOS and the Studio platform, please visit www.hilos.studio.

Introducing HILOS: Located in Portland and established in 2019, HILOS provides a software and manufacturing platform that enables footwear brands to create and introduce locally-made, on-demand 3D-printed footwear. This innovative approach eliminates the need for inventory and reduces end-of-life waste. In 2022, the company conducted a study in collaboration with Yale University and supply chain partners BASF, HP, and AMT. The study revealed that HILOS technology has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 50% and minimize water usage by an impressive 99%. HILOS has received recognition for its commitment to a sustainable future from SXSW, Glossy, Marie Claire UK, and other notable sources. Notable investors on board include Better Ventures, Builders, XRC Ventures, Techstars, and several others. For more information on HILOS, be sure to check out www.hilos.studio.

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