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HILOS launches 3D-printed custom heels


3D printing is coming into the footwear market in a whole new way with the recent launch of HILOS. Made from just two core components, a 3-D printed platform and a leather upper, the product shows how far 3D printing can be taken to simplify production while increasing comfort and performance.

HILOS is a Portland-based startup which has developed an end-to-end manufacturing platform for on-demand footwear. The company’s first application is a departure from the current focus on sneakers and sandals seen in the 3D space. “By focusing on fashion footwear we’re able to target the part of the market most starved for comfort and performance.” Elias Stahl, co-founder and CEO, said.


Thanks to clever engineering that takes advantage of additive manufacturing hilos is able produce tailored and customized shoes in just hours from click-to-ship. allows us offer a much wider range sizes styles than most brands could afford due complete freedom inventory. rather spend months developing hoping we can sell units two creating customizable product manufacture perfectly demand stahl added.

Resonating with a growing demand for more ethical and sustainable products, HILOS engineered their shoes for ease of disassembly and complete recyclability. A single pair saves more than 1700 gallons of water compared to an average shoe.Even the company’s packaging is designed to be repurposed, while the included card is printed on seed paper and meant to be planted.


The design and branding of HILOS is the inspiration of Gaia Giladi, Stahl’s co-founder and the company’s Chief Creative. “We didn’t want this shoe to scream 3D-printing.Timeless design and versatility was more my focus. This is a shoe that goes just as well with a pantsuit as with mom jeans, and it easily goes from day to night.”

HILOS’ initial style proves the concept of the company’s end-to-end manufacturing platform. The company willoffer HILOS-branded products while also serving as a development and manufacturing partner with third party brands, who are excited about the prospect of shorter lead times, no inventory, and no minimum runs. “Just imagine what this means for experimentation,” Giladi enthused, “Brands can take more chances with new styles, invest in more collaborations, fit more customers, and do this all faster, cheaper, and more sustainably than before.”


HILOS has just released a limited pre-sale of their pilot style, Georgia, so those curious should not delay. In parallel the company has also partnered with Microventures to open up a portion of their fundraise to investors of all sizes. Investors can be a part of what HILOS is building for as little as a $100 investment, though investments of $900 or more also reserve a pair of the Georgia along with their slice of equity.

Check out the shoes at www.hilos.co

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