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HODEI - The Future of Sustainable Footwear

Our recycled customizable sneakers made from foam are inspired by our sustainable water cycle model.






Shoes are made from dozens of overlapping materials being glued or stitched together. They require separation and proper treatment to be efficiently recycled, which is extremely complex and costly. As a result, 95% of shoes produced today will end up incinerated or in a landfill, even shoes made of clean or recycled material.

After 4 years of research on design, materials and eco-conception, HODEI came up with a unique deconstructable shoe design allowing us to explore a closed loop production model where shoes would be returned at the end of their life, to be reintegrated into the production of new shoes.







The Silent Runner CORE is a shoe made entirely of one single material (EVA Foam) which comes in 2 versions: the CORE and the KIT. The CORE is simply the shoe itself, while the KIT contains additional components (laces, braces, charm) to add extra support and comfort. Each element of the KIT is crafted out of upcycled materials and specifically designed to be easily added or removed from the EVA Foam CORE by the user, without tools or adhesives.






From beginning to end, HODEI is a participative solution. An open-source, platform will continue to assist the HODEI community in creating their own upcycled components for their shoes, too.

We also involve users in the pre-recycling of their shoes, having them disassemble any components they added to their Silent Runner CORE, before returning it to us in for its recycling.






HODEI's collection system ensures that every user returns their Silent Runner CORE to us when they are worn out.

To motivate users to return their CORE, we have a financial incentive called the Eco-Deposit, a one time 10€ deposit that is refunded after the return. We’ve made it simple thanks to RePack®, a reusable packaging service which is free since we’ve included the return in the retail price of your pair.






Recycling of the CORE is the last step that fully closes the loop. When we receive the used CORE, we’ll wash them and grind the plastic down into “flakes.” We’ll mix these flakes in the second- and third- and fourth-use EVA Foam Core with each batch of new shoes so that nothing goes to waste.

Environmental organizations promote and encourage mono-material recycling because it is a high-quality recycling process which allows multiple outlets for the recovered materials and offers high-efficiency potential. Our objective is to initiate a material decline production before 2023.







No retail store or extra inventory, when you order a pair of shoes, we’ll add to the next production batch. Our online store, hodei.fr, will offer our 2 models: the Silent Runner CORE for 90€ and the Silent Runner KIT model, which includes a leather strap, laces and shoelace charm for 130€ (included in the price is a 10€ Eco-Deposit). We’ll send it using a durable, returnable RePack envelope, which avoids packaging waste in the shipment process.



Your Silent Runner is made of a single material (EVA), all in one piece - no glue, no stitching, no more excuses not to recycle. There’s no grand factory supply chain; our process, production and shipment is based locally in France. Each batch of shoes is made-to-order on a custom three-piece mold and press. We’ve chosen EVA plastic because it’s a malleable, multi-use material that doesn’t mark. It’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.





All good shoes come to an end, that’s why we’ve created not only a product you can recycle, but one with a dedicated recycling strategy. And your participation is part of that.  Go on our website and process your return (it is entirely free), disassemble your Silent Runner - just remove the laces, braces and accessories you may have added - that’s your only job. Then, simply drop the shoes in the mail using RePack’s reusable packaging service.



When the used shoes come back, we’ll wash them and grind the plastic down. The recycling of mono-material goods is a low-impact, energy-efficient process encouraged by environmental organizations worldwide. Right now, we’re using virgin EVA plastic, but as we get returned shoes, we’ll mix in the second- and third- and fourth-use EVA with each batch of new shoes so that nothing goes to waste. Plastic is precious, so we’re recycling all of it to keep our impact as light as our shoe. There’s no third-party in our recycling process in order to keep the loop as direct and waste-free as possible.



At the time of return, you’ll be offered two options: giving a new life cycle to your old pair, by pre-ordering a new CORE using your existing Eco-Deposit for a 10€ discount, or simply getting your Eco-Deposit back.                


Your old pair will be recycled either way!







It is a one time 10€ deposit that is included in the price of your pair.

This amount symbolize the cost of the material (EVA) that is needed to produce your very own pair. It is also a simple and elegant solution in order to remind you that plastic is precious, and ensure that you will return your pair at the end of its life so we can take care of recycling it to make more HODEI shoes!

When your pair is in hour hands, you can have access back to your Eco-Deposit and use it to give a second life cycle to your pair by pre-ordering a second pair. Except that this time the price of your pair will be 10€ less!

Your Eco-Deposit is yours to keep for as long as you wish, there is no time limit to use it but if one day you decide that you don’t want to give anymore life cycle to your pair we will simply refund your deposit to your bank account.





Every new life cycle you give to your pair will be marked on the inside wall of your shoes, so you can brag about how many pairs of shoes you personally contributed to save from landfills, it’s totally ok to show off about good environmental practices!



* That you shoes are in our hands and will indeed be properly recycled. 



HODEI's policy is to limit as much as possible its environmental footprint by keeping is production, logistic and recycling facilities closed to each other (about a mile away) in France. This very lean model makes it easy to deploy local HODEI's production and recycling facilities in different countries in the future, to avoid unnecessary overseas shipping (via boat or plane) and lower our carbon footprint.


You think HODEI shoes are pricey? Think twice.

Unlike most of the produced goods we buy in our lifes, the price of HODEI shoes include not only the cost of the materials and the making of your shoes but also the cost of returning them to us and more importantly, the cost of their recycling by our own team - instead of a third party recycling vendor based in a foreign country!












HODEI hero image poster celebrates the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

24 x 36 inches / 60x 90 cm

Limited run of 300 copies





A manifesto, a look book and visual statement. Everything you wanted to know about HODEI from the genesis of the project to the launch of this campaign.

A4 size / 80 pages

Limited run of 300 copies





The blank canvas to express your creativity and maker skills in order to make your pair as unique as you!  If you need inspiration, all accessories are available in open source on HODEI's website, simply download the templates or 3D files you need and  make it. Just remember that everything you add to your CORE will have to be removed when you return it, in order for it to be recycled.

This reward includes:
x1 pair Silent RunnerCORE
Free Eco-Deposit of your pair (value: 10€)







Silent runner CORE+ KIT. For those who prefer the look & feel of a pair of sneaker without having to do the extra work! This first batch ever made will be available in 3 color combinations: RED / GREEN / PEACH. You will choose your color at check out.

The whole batch is limited to 1,000 pairs.
The breakdown per colors will be annouced at the end of the campaign.

The kit includes:
x1 pair Silent Runner CORE
x1 set of retainers (made of scrap leather)
x1 set of laces (100% linen)
x1 set of lace grommets (3D printed with PLA)
x1 HODEI lace charm (3D printed with PLA)
Free Eco-Deposit of your pair (value: 10€)





This reward is a great way to show your love and affection and support us in the change we will make in the way shoes are made and consumed. Obviously, We will show our love in return by personally signing your limited edition poster and Manifesto, making them even more valuable to you!

The FAN pack is limited to 100 backers.

The Fan Pack includes:
x1 Silent runner KIT Fan | limited batch of 105 pairs | numbered and signed by founders
x1 FAN Poster | limited to 105 copies | numbered and signed by founders
x1 Manifesto Book | numbered and signed by founders





So you want more? Well that’s trully appreciated!
Why don’t we sat down around a nice brunch and a lovely time together, just you and us?

The FAN pack is limited to 5 backers.

The Ambassador Pack includes:
x1 Invitation to a lovely Parisian brunch with the HODEI founders (travel is on you, though)
x1 Silent runner KIT Fan | limited batch of 105 pairs | numbered and signed by founders
x1 FAN Poster | limited to 105 copies | numbered and signed by founders
x1 Manifesto Book | numbered and signed by founders




The Silent Runner is the slipper 3.0, lightweight, low maintenance, very durable and adaptable to the shape of your feet. It is also design to be slipped on easily without using your hands, a very handy ( ^_^ ) feature when you work in a medical environment!

However, the fit of the Silent Runner is close to a regular sneaker, very different from a pair of slippers. This snug fit allows you to consider a very wide range of use for your pair!






Your Silent Runner is the great shoe for a lot of activities: walking, working, chilling, driving, boating, traveling, swimming, working out, biking, going out,... We tried them out in a lot of situations but we are certainly missing some!





HODEI are universal shoes, so in order to make it easy for everyone, we came up with a universal sizing approach. The fit of the Silent Runner is close to a regular sneaker, very different from a pair of slippers. SImply refer the the chart below in order to identify which size is yours based on the most common sneaker size standards (Europe, US, UK and Japan).

*Sizes showing in gray are locked for now, sorry! But they will become available if the total amount of pledges reaches 180,000€, allowing us to launch the production of the molds for these «not so common» sizes.




Refer to the size showing on the inside label of your pair of sneaker (Adidas, Nike, Vans).

Width size of HODEI shoe is based on industry standards (D for men, B for women). Because the material your HODEI shoe is made of (EVA foam) is adaptable, if your feet are slightly narrower or wider you should be fine with your regular size. For very narrow feet, you may consider wearing your pair with socks.

If you happen to be in-between size (for example: 9.5) we recommend you take the next size up (ex: size 10) if you like a loose fit, or the next size down (ex: 9) for a snug fit.

The EVA foam we use for the CORE is an adaptative material, it will make your shoe  shape to your feet after a few hours wearing them, a very comfy feeling that makes it hard to go back to your other shoes!







2020 was a rough ride for all of us but we comitted to launch HODEI as soon as we could because we beleieve that now is a good time to offer alternatives to the ones who want to initiate a change in order to ge to a better place for our environment.
We are all in this Pandemic for an undetermined period of time but regardless we want to share with you what the ideal timeline of the project would look like.

Even though timing is realistic, this past year thaught us that we can’t take everything for granted.
Let’s hope for the best!









RICK AND MORTY Trademark of Cartoon Network, Inc.



We’re two brothers, Benjamin and Thomas, born in the south of France and raised on the island of Martinique.

I am Benjamin, I have a scientist formation, but I have always been passioned by functional design and 3D modeling, which lead me to sneaker design. I started the HODEI project 4 years ago with my brother Thomas (designer & artist) because I was convinced that deconstructable design was the solution to sustainability into footwear industry.

It took years of research, 3D modeling, experimenting with materials, forms and prototyping, but finally, we’ve combined product and process for the first closed-loop recycling shoe.


The word HODEI means “cloud” (in Basque), and it stands for our dream fulfilled: footwear and a business model that keeps recycling shoes in a continuous loop: lightweight sneakers you can use, and reuse, for generations.

No landfills. Ever. 




"Cloud" in Basque.


Michael Cimino - 1970. First environmentalist SiFi movie.


PHOTO |  Diane Moyssan / Sebastien Tabarin / Grégoire Machavoine
MODELS |  Nsdos / Jardin /  kahina djemani /
MUA |  Alison Fetouaki
MAKE UP |  Julie Hoyez
STYLE |  Lala Wong / Naïs Kinet
LOOKS |  Gamut / Anthony Fornasari / Flore de Sermet / Marianna Ladreyt / Leila Nour Johnson / Fanny in Serra Jewellery / Sudism

DESIGN | Maison Sagan


SPECIAL THANKS |  ADEME / Eco-TLC / Atelier Botemo / Maison Sagan / Atelier Samji



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hodei-the-future-of-sustainable-footwear#/

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