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Hotter Foot Scanner

Shoe specialist Hotter is releasing 3D foot scanning machines across the UK to help with precision shoe fitting. Hotter has invested in the innovative, Hotter Footprint technology which not only measures feet but delivers shoe fitting recommendations. The scanners will be located across 32 Hotter stores and the brand plans to take them on a road across the UK to coincide with National Shoe Fitting Week next month. A survey showed that three-quarters of adults have not had their feet measured in the last decade. The 3D Hotter Footprint scanners measure feet in five seconds. The scanners allow customers to visualize their foot profile within a pair of Hotter shoes. They can adjust and adapt the recommendation based on personal information about what comfort means to them.


Hotter offers over 40 fitting and size combinations across their collection. Pilot results revealed that 81 percent of users said their perception of the fitting experience improved after using the service. Hotter Footprint is helping their move towards digitalization and will help deliver a personal and curated experience to consumers. For a full list of stores that will have this feature, click on the link to the main article. 3D printed shoes are not just about the footwear, but the technology to get the proper fit as well. You can always rely on 3DShoes.com to keep you up to date.


Original Article: https://fashionunited.uk/news/fashion/hotter-rolls-out-3d-foot-scanning-technology/2020031247931


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