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HOUSE OF ERRORS Link With ALIVEFORM For 3D-Printed Sneaker

With their newest initiative in conjunction with the sustainable Japanese company ALIVEFORM, the UK-based streetwear label HOUSE of ERRORS has lately gone into the sneaker sphere. The outcome of their collaboration is the futuristic-looking TOPO-01 shoe, created by Fully of HOUSE of ERRORS.

The TOPO-01 has a laceless design with paneled detailing that produce a layered impression similar to a contour map. The outsole is divided into two sections, each with robust grip points and modest branding, while the upper silhouette is mid-top in height. The all-black TOPO-01 was 3D printed, adding to its one-of-a-kind and futuristic charm.

Although no specific release date has been set for the HOUSE of ERRORS x ALIVEFORM TOPO-01; it is likely to be accessible through the label’s outlets shortly.

This collaboration between HOUSE of ERRORS and ALIVEFORM is an exciting step forward for the streetwear industry; as the two labels team up to produce a genuinely unique and original shoe. The TOPO-01 is likely to attract attention and appeal to sneaker lovers and fashion-forward consumers alike; thanks to its elegant design and 3D-printed construction.

The success of HOUSE of ERRORS in the streetwear market has surely set the way for their entry into shoes; and their cooperation with ALIVEFORM assures that the TOPO-01 will be sustainable and eco-friendly, a developing trend in the fashion sector.




SOURCE: https://cloutnews.com/house-of-errors-link-with-aliveform-for-3d-printed-sneaker/

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