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HP Quietly Discontinued the Fitstation Insole Platform

The company still works with Brooks and Superfeet.

HP silently took the Fitstation insole platform off the market


HP, Brooks, and Superfeet produced FitStation in 2017 to let consumers customize insoles, sandals, and running shoes based on biomechanics. It was touted as a unique hardware and software platform that creates a digital foot profile using 3D scans, foot pressure measurements, and gait analysis. Fitstation was the first end-to-end solution for off-the-shelf shoe and insole suggestions, 3D-printed insoles, and custom footwear. The system manufactured a 3D insole using HP MultiJet Fusion. HP quietly shut down the innovative platform while continuing to cooperate with Brooks and Superfeet on 3D-printed footwear.

The 2023 Brooks Running Alliance sought to disrupt performance running footwear. Brooks Exhilarate-BlueLine running shoes were the first collaborative product.

Brooks BlueLine Lab footwear uses technology, biomechanical research, engineering, and design to improve running shoes. The Lab's latest product, the Exhilarate-BL shoe, is conceived, built, and manufactured with HP's 3D printing solution.

The Brooks Exhilarate-BlueLine running shoes made with HP.The Brooks Exhilarate-BlueLine running shoes made with HP.


The Brooks Exhilarate-BL has 3DNA and a 3D-printed midsole for a lively ride. In addition, it has been created and tailored to size groups based on runner data to give each runner the best cushioning and spring with each step. HP independently verified that Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology creates running shoe midsoles with a higher energy return than 90% of the market.

In cooperation with DashLX, Brooks distributed a limited number of Exhilarate-BL pairs to select Brooks Wear Testers and Brooks Run Club loyalty members who synchronized their wearable devices through Brooks' platform for a test-and-learn program. Wearables allow Brooks to collect runner data on stride lengths, cadences, and other height and weight-related characteristics to inspire future 3DNA shoes.


HP works on ME3D with Superfeet. This 2017 bespoke insole line uses HP's 3D foot-scanning system and MultiJet Fusion 3D printing. Superfeet, powered by HP, uses submillimeter-definition 3D scanning and biomechanical pressure analysis to build a fully customized 3D-printed shape from feet.

Thus, ME3D insoles are as unique as individuals, capturing the differences in left and right foot movement. ME3D custom orthotic insoles are calibrated to each foot's dynamic pressure pattern and have five independent support zones that adjust to how a person moves for individualized support. For optimal comfort, they come in MED3D and the new ME3D Max styles. The product is customized for a foot in motion, providing unmatched comfort and fit. Store-designed ME3D insoles are created and supplied to customers.


By Davide Sher

Source: https://www.voxelmatters.com/hp-silently-took-the-fitstation-insole-platform-off-the-market/

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