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Iambic Creates ‘Sizeless’ Shoes That Are Good For Your Feet

When it comes to fashion, there are shoes that look good, but they might hurt your feet. If you continue to wear shoes that are bad for your feet, there are repercussions, from calluses to blisters and more.

One new company that is trying to save our feet is called IAMBIC (pronounced eye-AM-bik). The brand’s co-founders Maeve Wang and Raza Hassan have teamed up to bring the Executive Experience, a white sneaker that is custom made to fit your feet.

Backed by a grant from the National Science Foundation, IAMBIC dares to step outside standard shoe sizing. According to Wang, one in every four people don’t fit standard shoes, causing pain, injuries and deformities. “We are making an AI-driven precision fit sneaker because we’re interested in making footwear innovative,” she said. “The footwear industry is leaving out one in every four people who don’t fit the standard sizing system.”

According to their research, shoes only really fit 33% of people. And for roughly 40% of people, they fit tolerably. “From our research and other academic publications, many people’s feet deviate from standard shoe sizing,” said Wang. “People are suffering in pain. It doesn’t just lead to pain but permanent injuries and deformities. People notice when it’s too late. It happens over time.”


So, IAMBIC aims to be a preventive shoe, in that it’s one people feel good in, and can become their go to, “so they hopefully never have to get to that place,” she said.

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