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Jabil's Additive Manufacturing

Jabil has been focusing on additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, for the past few years. Recently it has introduced its cloud-based Jabil Additive Manufacturing Network. Their additive manufacturing offering is broad, but they are currently focusing footwear. 3D printing has become a bigger part of the footwear industry, including everything from running shoes and ballet slippers being enhanced with technology. Jabil wants to become one of the leaders in 3D printed footwear. 3D printed shoes started with the production of 3D printed insoles, which Jabil already looked into. They want to take things further with the production of 3D printed shoes and maybe even a 3D printed ski boot. One problem with current footwear is that people’s feet come in all shapes and sizes, and not all shoes fit perfect.


3D scanning and 3D printing allow shoes to be made to order, fitting a consumer’s unique foot size and shape. 3D printing can also produce shoes as needed anywhere in the world. This technology could provide military personnel with new boots whenever and wherever they need them. Jabil also suggests taking advantage of Design for Additive Manufacturing to create insoles and outsoles using materials such as EVA, PU, and TPA. With advanced materials available shoes can be made to be more flexible, durable, and functional no matter what their application is. They can last longer, save money, and also save resources in the long run. Jabil will have a lot of competition in the 3D printed footwear market, as more footwear brands begin to turn towards 3D printing. But the company benefits from years of expertise in 3D printing, and their knowledge of how to use the technology to meet customers’ needs. You can contact Jabil directly to find out more about their footwear and manufacturing.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/227037/jabil-steps-forward-with-3d-printed-footwear/


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