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Justin Bieber and 2Chainz Rock Zellerfeld 3D-Printed Shoes

Celebrities, both on stage and on the streets of LA, were seen rocking Zellerfeld 3D-printed footwear this past weekend. Information says the footwear is 3D-printed for your feet, fully recyclable, and factory free.

Justin Bieber confidently showcased the vibrant fuchsia shoes, adding a touch of futurism to his SoHo stroll.

Justin Bieber wears Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes in SoHo

Justin Bieber wears Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes in SoHo

Justin Bieber wears Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes in SoHo

Meanwhile, rapper 2Chainz donned them during his energetic performance at Fiesta de Taco. These shoes not only exude style and trendiness but also embody a commitment to customization, environmental responsibility, and sustainability. Zellerfeld has truly emerged as the shoe of the future, earning an endorsement from global celebrities.

2Chainz wears Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes

Your readers can cop a custom pair of these shoes on Zellerfeld.com or on the Zellerfeld app for $250.

Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes

Zellerfeld 3D-printed shoes

by Jerry Doby


SOURCE: https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2023/05/justin-bieber-and-2chainz-rock-zellerfeld-3d-printed-shoes/

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