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Karlsson Claw Shoes

Beate Karlsson uses silicone to make shoes in the form of human claws and padded shorts to imitate Kim Kardashian’s bum. The Claw shoes, which are 3D printed from a mixture of wood fibers and silicone, in the form of a giant human hand propped up on all four fingers and thumb. Straps made from silicone extend from the top of the shoe to form a sandal. Bows tied across the shoes conceal the wearer’s foot, giving the illusion that they are extensions of their legs. The shoes are part of Karlsson’s ongoing project, she is calling X-treme Products. She has created various wearable items for a hypothetical world determined by the idea of “otherness.” The Swedish designer takes shapes, and distorts them until they are almost unrecognizable, then turns them into a functional object. Beate is currently based in Florence, Italy, and works as a designer for fashion label Pyer Moss. She is also a creative director at the clothing brand AVAVAV. Other than the Claw shoes, Karlsson has designed other footwear called Fat Baby Shoes, which mimics giant feet in frilly sliders. Although this is not a traditional type of footwear, it is another example of how customizable 3D printed shoes can be, and the innovations that can come to life.


Original Article: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/11/30/beate-karlsson-claw-shoes-kim-kardashian-bum-replica-silicone/

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