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LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes updated with improved retention, $2k price!

The fully-custom fit 3D-printed carbon exoskeleton LoreOne road shoes have been wild and intriguing since we first laid eyes on them… even if their exorbitant cost priced them way out of the budget of the vast majority of cyclists. But while they haven’t come down in price (the opposite, in fact), Lore has continued to refine the concept…

LoreOne 3D-custom-fit carbon road shoes

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes, riding

c. Lore

Lore is now calling their LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes, “Ready For Liftoff”. What that means is that the 2 1/2 years of pre-production teases and inaugural limited editions of their almost two thousand-dollar custom shoes are behind them. Now the design kinks have been ironed out, and the claimed “world’s fastest cycling shoe” adds new user-friendly retention mechanisms to make them easier to get in & out of for your everyday road rides.

What’s new?

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes, new Atop Boa-like dials

The same continuous carbon fiber exoskeleton custom encircling your foot and custom-shaped 3D-printed TPU lining/padding is still effectively the same.

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes, new Voile-like strap

But now they get two Boa-like dial & wires and a Voile-ish upper strap to make it faster to open up the clamshell CarbonAirFrame (CAF) exoskeleton. And of course easier to secure it back together for the perfect fit and maximum in pedaling efficiency.

Tech details & availability

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes pair

This latest generation of the fully-custom Lore One carbon road still have the uniquely organic exoskeleton shaping, and the slightly rough-around-the-edges finish that comes from the continuously-printed carbon filament construction vs. conventionally molded shoes. They also are pretty light at a ~315 per shoe (size 43), although they prioritize being ultra-stiff over ultra-lightweight.

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes, iphone custom fit scan

Lore says they’ve been again ramping up production capabilities, and will shorten delivery times starting in November. But as it stands, the California-printed LoreOne shoes still have a current lead time of around 4 months once you submit the iPhone 3D scans of your feet.

LoreOne 3D-printed custom carbon road shoes

The shoes now retails for $1969, with the option for either classic 3-bolt Look-style or 4-bolt Speedplay cleat compatibility, and including global “carbon neutral” shipping. There’s also the option to split that into 4 interest-free payments, because these shoes cost more than some bikes. The tailor-made AeroCover shoe covers that were included with the Founder’s Edition, are now $90 a piece in three versions – waterproof, aerodynamic, or insulated.


SOURCE: https://bikerumor.com/loreone-3d-printed-custom-carbon-road-shoes-updated/

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