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Medical Supplies For COVID-19

During this challenging time, I figured this article would be fitting. The 3D printing industry is trying to help fight COVID-19. HP announced it’s working with those who bought its 3D printers to make medical face shields, hands-free door openers, and an adjuster for anyone who may wear face masks for hours. Another well-known 3D printing company, Carbon, said it plans to send face shield designs to its network of customers who’ve bought its 3D printers. Carbon Executive Joseph DeSimone said the company expects to send the designs by early Tuesday. 3D printer makers typically sell their products to others who do the 3D printing. One customer has made 1,000 face shields and has shipped them to Michigan hospitals. Carbon is also working on nasal swab designs that could be used for gathering samples to test for COVID-19. These are some of several efforts that 3D printing technology can do to help the fight against coronavirus.


3D printers are flexible and able to make many different parts anywhere there’s a printer and raw materials. Although 3DShoes.com puts a lot of focus on 3D printed shoes, it’s important to remember the many applications the technology is able to provide. Some 3D printing efforts have focused on ventilators which are expected to be in short supply for patients suffering from respiratory problems. Carbon is shut down except for medical work that’s exempted under California’s shelter in place rule. Other companies we know to work with 3D printed footwear may be doing the same, if they aren’t already.


Original Article: https://www.cnet.com/news/to-fight-coronavirus-3d-printer-companies-make-face-shields-masks-and-more/


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