Mikio Sakabe, a Japanese fashion designer, recently announced some 3D printed shoes. He shows interest in 3D printing and innovative, smart materials. The fashion-tech landscape has finally passed the ‘gimmick” stage. An initial desire to merge two scenes is no longer just an idea. Drawing inspiration from one of the most technologically advanced cities, Tokyo, Mikio launched a fashion tech label he calls Giddy Up. People know him for his unorthodox creations when it comes to fashion. Last year Sakabe drew his inspiration from three-dimensional spaces and urban buildings.


His 3D printed shoes are created from innovative materials and tech, and maybe the most recognizable shoes on the market right now. He focuses on the vision of a new human, who is living in the future. Giddy Up’s sneakers will be the main focus of this season, along with a line of innovative garments designed in a similar way. Those of you who are interested in garments designed with innovative technology, this is something I suggest you follow for sure. 3DShoes.com is nothing short of impressed by the 3D printed shoes that Sakabe has designed.


Original Article: https://wtvox.com/fashion-innovation/mikio-sakabes-3d-printed-shoes/