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MUVEZ 3:AM's The Future of House Slippers

3:AMs combine the functionality and detail of an athletic shoe with the comfort and convenience of casual house slippers.

3:AMs are designed for the creators – those who chose to grind while others sleep. 

Unwind, unplug and recharge in your 3:AMs. Slip out of your lightweight outsoles and sport breathable indoor slippers around your house, leaving dirt at the door. 

When you’re ready to leave, slip back into your durable outsoles designed to provide increased protection and extra shock absorption for unmatched comfort.

You can now enter and exit your home with ease and comfort. The 3:AMs dual sole technology creates an effortless transition from the outdoors through the use of detachable outsoles; designed to provide protection, extra shock absorption and unmatched comfort.  

Upon entering your home, simply slip out of the outsoles and sport the breathable knit slippers  around the house. 

Our dual sole technology also lets you change the look and feel of your shoe in an instant. 

The lightweight, removable outsole adds an extra layer for comfort and protection while you’re out and about. Made of durable, rubber-like EVA material, the soles are constructed to boost softness and flexibility. 

The outsole also prevents you from tracking dirt into your home. And don't worry, if you accidentally stepped in mud while walking your dog, they’re super easy to clean — just throw them right into your washing machine.

Your 3:AMs will keep you feeling light and airy, and when you sport the breathable indoor slippers around your house, getting work done in style will be a breeze. 

These zero gravity insoles provide unrivaled comfort. The EVA protect against stepping on sharp objects, slipping on wet surfaces or sliding down stairs. They’re the stylish slippers you’ve been dreaming of. 

With a collapsible neoprene heel, your 3:AMs are easier than ever to put on and take off… and don’t worry, they’ll stay put. The collapsible neoprene heel is responsive for easy accessibility. This feature lets you slip your 3:AMs on and sport a slide look or a sneaker look. The heel is raised by 5mm to help add extra security.

The 3:AMs feature a breathable knit upper and elastic piping to provide a comfortable and secure fit that holds tight during movement. The material is more flexible, advanced and resilient when compared to the original version.  

The breathable knit of the 3:AMs are offered in four colorways: vanta black, rose red, stone grey and maverick blue. The outsoles are available in black and white, and are constructed exactly the same — giving you the opportunity to mix and match different outsoles and insoles. 

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