Nanomaterials are measured in nanometers, one of which is 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a single human hair. Nano-sized particles can be found in nature but can also be made from carbon, graphene, minerals, and diamonds. Materials that are created on such a small scale have many applications because they can take in many unique properties. A Dutch 3D printing specialist Tiamet 3D has been working with Carbodeon to develop nanodiamond-enhanced 3D printing filaments. This is something wouldn’t mind seeing in 3D printed footwear someday. Carbodeon characterized nanodiamonds as detonation synthesized diamond nanoparticles. The company develops and supplies nanodiamonds for a variety of applications.


The new 3D printing filaments should increase the performance of 3D printed polymers. Tiamet 3D was founded years ago to take on some problems concerning desktop 3D printing. Ever since then the company has been researching and developing high functioning, high strength materials to be used for 3D printing. Nanodiamonds help improve conductivity, tensile strength, and thermal management of the base polymer. Carbodeon sells 3D printing filaments under its patented uDiamond brand. The first 3D printing filaments from the two companies will bet PLA based and will be available from both. The two will continue work around a higher performing thermoplastic.


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