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Nike's Epic React Flyknit

Thanks to modern technology and innovation, we’re able to provide benefits from our footwear. With 3D printed shoes and light-chiseled shoes, the sneaker is becoming the most improved object of the 21st century. One of the recent sneakers created by Nike, the Epic React Flyknit, is a running shoe with an all foam sole that leverages a new technology known as React. The shoes provide a cushion from stride impact, a lightweight feel for running, and enough durability to hold up against the wear and tear that comes from athletic activity. The Nike Epic React Flynit is planned to hit stores on February 22nd, and feature a knitted upper and a giant cushion underneath. Nike isn’t making an understatement when they say their shoe feature and all-foam sole. The insole is one piece of foam without any casting, which can cause a lot of comfort for the wearer.


The company is able to use precision to eliminate any unnecessary materials, creating a lightweight shoe. The midsole extends beyond the upper and around the heel to provide the cushioning runners want and the stability they need. Deeper parts indicate areas of more cushioning and shallower portions produce more firmness. The upper is engineered specifically for support, flexibility, and breathability. It’s minimal but should be enough support for runners to go the distance. 3D printed shoes keep on blowing us away over here at 3DShoes.com. Nike states the React technology has been tested in miles of running and should hold up to even the most arduous of races. Pricing hasn’t been decided yet but you can expect them to cost between $150 and $200.


Original Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/nike-epic-react-flyknit/


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