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OESH Townie Flat

The OESH Townie flat is a beautiful, functional flat that is 3D printed to provide what seemed to be impossible features. Within the Townie are over 2,000 stacked honeycomb spring units that 3D printed into the sole with our patent-pending 3D print process. The unique structure cannot be made with any other manufacturing method and gives a healthy spring in your step. The 3D printed sole features unbeatable traction, a grippy soft-touch 3D printed heel piece, breathable stretchy cotton knit upper that molds to your foot and beautiful hand crochet finish. The Townies you receive are 100% made in Charlottesville, Virginia, and so are the 3D printers used to make them. OESH is creating new opportunities in STEM as they build additional 3D printers, purchase and program additional knitting machines, and build out clean high-tech factory space as it grows.


Footwear manufacturing is typically done overseas by factory workers who are exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy emissions, especially when the upper is attached to the sole. The patient pending sole design of the Townie bypasses the need for these toxic processes and allows that the upper part of the shoe can be attached with hand crochet. OESH is committed to long-term Health and Wellness. Their 3D printing, machine knitting, and on-demand manufacturing combine to minimize waste. The Townie will be setting and entirely new standard for sustainability in shoe manufacturing.


Original Article: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-oesh-townie-flat-3d-printed-luxury-footwear#/


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