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OrthopedieCreemers – Changing the Market of Orthopedic Insoles

Patrick Creemers, founder of OrthopedieCreemers, is changing the way orthopedic insoles are designed and created. OrthopedieCreemers has created a process that allows consumers to have their very own, customizable orthopedic insoles on the spot. OrthopedieCreemers is doing this by 3D printing orthopedic correct insoles. They are changing the market by using 3D printing to create the most customizable process for the consumer. Customers can have a 3D printed orthopedic correct insole in minutes!


With 35 years of experience in orthopedics and over 10 years of experience in teaching shoe designers, Creemers is truly a trailblazer revamping the market for the better. OrthopedieCreemers has teamed up with Twikit to bring their expertise and experience to big players in the industry. OrthopedieCreemers is transforming the way orthopedic insoles are created to deliver the most customizable experience for consumers and the most cost-effective process for manufacturers. They have received growing interest from big retailers and hope to grow their relationship with these industry giants. There is traditional, sustainable, then there is 3D; the possibilities are endless and the only direction for OrthopedieCreemers is up.

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