Volleyball can really be a demanding sport. You need precision and power to be able to hit the ball over the net. However, the legs and the feet do a lot too because players need to jump frequently to help with momentum. In order to do this, athletes need shoes with plenty of support and cushioning. Last year Peak Sports created a basketball shoe that was partially created using 3D printing. Peak also made a 3D printed running shoe, and now they are introducing a pair of volleyball shoes that features 3D printed insole. The shoes made an appearance at this year’s China Volleyball League All-Star Game. The Peak team spoke with many players and gathered data collections. They used the information to create a shoe with a bottom that is lightweight, made with flexible TPU, and 3D printed on an SLS printer.


The 3D material creates great cushioning for the wearer, which is vital when you’re jumping in the sport. 3D printing helps with more than comfort and performance improvements. The technology allows for shoes to be custom made for each athlete, creating more fit and comfort than any other shoe. At the moment it is unknown when the shoes will be available commercially. 3D printed shoes are being made for athletes before they will be made for the public. As the technology advances it will become more available, which is why 3DShoes.com remains to stay loyal to the industry. Anyone will be able to benefit from the performance that 3D printing can offer.


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