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Pedestal Footwear: Future of Performance Training

High-tech and odor free footwear designed to improve athletic performance and mitigate injury.
Your feet are vital to your body's movement and performance, yet they are the most neglected part of the training regimen. Get out of the crutch of traditional shoes and into Pedestals! We don't just provide you with a pair of Pedestals and set you free, we offer exclusive content that addresses your unique foot condition. Our number one goal is to help you move, feel, and perform at your best. Fun fact: When barefoot, you jump higher (force) and exert less impact (awareness) upon landing.

Ever wonder why 6 of the 7 most common sports related injuries involve the lower body? Or why so many people have foot problems these days? It's simple...SHOES.

No matter what sport or recreational activity you partake in, your feet and ankles are paramount to performance. Building stronger feet and ankles in the weight room will translate to the court or field of play. 

Join us on our journey of breaking from the traditional and into Pedestals for your training sessions. Improve performance and mitigate injury. 

We are proudly made, manufactured, and shipped in the U.S.A.

Our goal is to take our 2.0's into mass production and disrupt the footwear industry. Your pledges and trust on Indiegogo will help us achieve that.





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