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Plae's Sneakers For Adults

The company Plae has recently moved towards adult footwear after starting out as a brand for children back in 2013. By not focusing too much on the division of gender, they recently revealed four new shoes that are available in adult sizes. The shoes were named after the streets that the company’s founders had grown up on. Featuring a colorful retro design, the shoes also have a patented closure system as well as 3D printed insoles. Their Mulberry shoe is an impressive, slim sneaker that can be tightened with one hand by pulling and looping around a button. As for the Larkin, it has interchangeable and expandable Velcro strips. The Prospect shoe has a sporty look and a “lace catcher” to help prevent the wearer from tripping over their laces. Lastly, the Butler is a classic trainer shoe that is available in pastel or indigo colors.


Plae announced that the Abra, which is a high top, would be arriving in the fall of this year. The bulk of the shoe hides inside and the sole can be completely removed. There is also a sturdier textured insole that can be downloaded and printed at home using your own 3D printer. The decision to look towards adult footwear came from many requests from consumers to do so. They also collaborated with the Battery, to release a limited edition shoe with a battery powered lightning bolt logo. These are the types of 3D printed shoes that we like to see being created. Plae also offers the “Plae It Forward” program, which allows customers to make a yearly donation to an organization of their choice.


Original Article: https://www.sfchronicle.com/style/article/Plae-s-sneakers-are-made-for-kids-but-coveted-13032008.php#photo-15766204


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