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Pxl Shoe Customization Platform

Customization has been integrating into the footwear industry for a while. It helps provide a personalized product that no one else possesses. Pxl is launching a platform for users to create, share, and collaborate on customized footwear. Digital footwear design tools have evolved into robust technology such as Romans CAD 3D software and Voxel8’s 3D prototype printer. With Pxl, users can select design components to create their finished style, such as color and fabric choice. With most customization programs, final designs are somewhere in the brand’s archives. Although customers can share their finished shoes on social media, they do not receive a digital copy.


With Pxl.gallery, a 3D rendering is automatically uploaded to the public platform and users can review, purchase, and edit each other’s designs for personal use. The idea of sharing resources within the community is not new to the footwear industry. FDRA’s material exchange provides the footwear industry’s designers, vendors, and developers with a database of raw materials to aid in efficient product development. Pxl is currently undergoing crowdfunding with their first orders due to be processed in October for shipping in November. Estimated wait times are 3-4 weeks from design submission to shipped product, and shoes will range in price from $150 to $250 depending on the style and material.


Original Article: https://footwearnews.com/2019/business/retail/pxl-shoe-design-customization-collaboration-platform-1202802136/


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