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Recycled Paper Shoes Alejandra Lavinia: Vegan & Eco-Friendly!

Recycled Paper Shoes Alejandra Lavinia: Vegan & Eco-Friendly! Stylish Eco-Friendly footwear: Comfort | Design | Elegance | Recycling


The footwear is created with sheets of recycled paper, reinforced with natural fibers, the manufacturing process is patented.

Fabrication process


Over time, many people around the world are surprised to see the work of Mexican artisans, but few understand why it is so ingrained in our culture.

The artisan trade is passed from generation to generation, but it goes beyond passing technical knowledge, when an artisan teaches his children with love and dedication, the artisan dedicates time, instills values and takes advantage of the moment and tells them about the adventures of life.

At the beginning of 2000, the footwear industry in Mexico was in a crisis due to the introduction of Asian footwear, suddenly everyone needed to make designs that did not require time, that could be easily duplicated, with cheap materials. 

Overnight, a trade that required years of work and dedication to achieve excellence was cheapened. 

Alejandra Lavinia's parents sadly decided to close their workshop saving their machinery. Each of their 4 children moved on and began to dedicate themselves to “what they loved the most”,  however those who are lucky know that what is learned with love is never forgotten and one way or another they return to their beginnings.

The way back for Alejandra Lavinia, without her knowing it began 10 years ago, as an audio-visual artist, she saw a canvas in footwear to be used as an object of art, she began giving classes in shoe design, until she was finished forging an idea in her head. Alejandra knew about the qualities of paper and had taken on shoemaking, it was then that she knew that a paper shoe was viable. 

She dared to start the adventure of creating her own brand, taking on a challenge that has lasted years, patenting her very own manufacturing process.

Now she is here and offering a new innovative proposal for some very crazy amazing shoe design, when you try on a pair of Alejandra Lavinia footwear you will realize that they are not as fragile as many believe, they bring back the love, work and dedication of Mexican artisans.

Alejandra Lavinia

The profits generated will go to machinery that helps reduce the cost of manufacturing paper sheets, making it more accessible to the public.

 Ethical Manufacturing Process: 

Where you make the products and by whom is just as important as how humanely you make them. Alejandra Lavinia, manufactures them in the company of collaborators in the family workshop

This  workshop in Mexico is one of the few in the city to endure all labor laws and worker safety conditions including fair wages, safe working conditions, mandated work breaks, etc.

Their values include veganism, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Heels painted by artists


Shoe packaging uses recycled cardboard


Wedge Design

Designs Wedge
Design Trenza
Design Cerezo
Design Tropical

Heels Design:

Paloma Negra
Pavo Real


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alejandralavinia/recycled-paper-shoes-alejandra-lavinia-vegan-and-eco-friendly

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