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Reebok's Flexweave Fabric

Reebok has recently revealed a new material in its possession that it believes might be the future of both athletic footwear and sports apparel. Going by the name Flexweave, the new fabric uses a unique construction method to make a figure eight design. It can then be interlaced with an unlit number of fibers to create a single surface that construction is lightweight, durable, and breathable. The Flexweave is created from chenille yarn and is scheduled to debut in Reebok footwear this spring. The company is eager to partner with top designers around the world to see what they can create using this type of fabric. Reebok shared Flexweave with Joe Doucet X Partners, Odd Matter design studio, and the Modla design house. Each company was given free reign to imagine something new and innovative using the new fabric.


Joe Doucet used the Flexweave to create a smart glove that combines form and function. The gloves were built to include integrated GPS technology to help guide a runner along a course during their workout. As for Odd Matter, they designed what they call an “active chair.” The lightweight chair helps engage the core muscles while sitting on it. Lastly, we have the Modla designer who created a Flexweave mask that uses 3D printed parts and is assembled without needing glue. The mask helps athletes with altitude training because it is able to adjust the amount of oxygen that can be taken in. The material has many applications, but 3DShoes.com is more concerned with the footwear applications. Runners will be able to test out Flexweave within a few months.


Original Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/reebok-flexweave-prototypes/


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