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Rencolor: Meta Mix Color 3D Printer with Unique Needle

The FDM Color 3D printer that opens up a new colorful world of high-definition color rich 3D prints

Forget about limited monochrome 3D prints that don’t offer you other options, forcing you to only create boring monochromatic designs. Rencolor DM-10 FDM Color 3D Printer allows you to explore the following different 3D printing modes that will literally power and brighten your creativity:

 Print different layers, gradient colors, mix colors at any proportions, or go monochromatic — unlike other 3D printers, Rencolor lets you print more, better, and in more diversified ways! 

 RENCOLOR DM-10 was created for you, the creative entrepreneurial spirit who keeps moving every project forward and bringing it to life. That’s why its structure has been designed to stay simple, easy to carry, and easy to assemble. 

 If you’re making anything with your new 3D printing sidekick, then keeping the filament running in any direction is extremely important. RENCOLOR DM-10 lets you automatically load and unload the filament of the printer in a simple click of a button. No complex instructions, no lengthy start/stop processes—just straightforward convenience!

 No project is the same. Some require finer details while others not so much. That’s why Rencolor DM-10 doesn’t force you to use only one precision level. You can instead choose from 3 precision modes of 0.1mm/0.15mm/0.2mm, adjusting the precision according to the specific requirements of your project. 

 Rencolor DM-10 features Dual Z-Axis rods and motors that dramatically improve the performance and stability of the printing process, making every movement extremely smooth and accurate.

 Your Rencolor DM-10 doesn’t need to be online in order to print your creations since it supports offline printing.

Also, if your suddenly face a power outage, your work and materials won’t be lost. Rencolor DM-10 will stop when the power goes out but will conveniently resume printing precisely where the project was interrupted, re-starting the printing process as if no unexpected interruption had happened.

 The simplicity of metal and the unique features of aluminum alloy frame are given a special charisma by the striking artistic design of Rencolor DM-10. The exterior of the remote extruder is marked by an iconic red: the red color card board printing surface. The black tones of the actual machine will appeal to your aesthetical sensitivity as the contrast between two colors will support a fertile creative horizon while you use your Rencolor for spectacular creations! 

 While portable and easy to assemble and use, Rencolor DM-10 is robustly built to last. This printer offers you something truly unique: a lifetime warranty. There’s no better offer than that, so we hope you’ll take us up on our offer!



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/56949912/rencolor-dm-10-fdm-color-3d-printer

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