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Rens - The World's First Coffee Sneaker

100% Waterproof | Breathable | Eco-Friendly | Odor-Resistant

Franco Dubini is an amazing filmmaker and is using his talent to spread positive messages around the world. He visited us, heard our story and we cooked something awesome together. This is how Franco sees Rens in his eyes: 

Thanks to our AquaScreen Tech™, you don’t have to long-jump rain puddles anymore.

Our coffee-lined membrane creates a watertight barrier to keep your feet totally dry. It's built to be waterproof from the ground up for the shoe’s entire life cycle.

Rens' waterproof membrane, powered by our AquaScreen Tech ™, allows air to pass through easily while maintaining 100% protection from water penetration. We put the material to test by submerging it in water and forcing air through. As you can see below, the membrane allows air to pass through either side while keeping water out, making it totally breathable.  

Rens are moisture-wicking thanks to the coffee and the upper layer dry-fast feature. And they absorb all your foot sweat and release it through the fibers and out of your shoe.  

Each pair of Rens is made from 300 grams of coffee waste and 6 recycled plastic bottles. So you get all the benefits of an awesome shoe while reducing the amount of plastic waste and methane-producing organic waste in landfills.

Driven by performance and sustainable by default, Rens is a diverse group of risk takers and freethinkers who see a new future in footwear design.

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