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Retraction 3D Flip Flops

By combining a passion for 3D printing and footwear, Retraction Footwear created customizable 3D Printed flip flops. With its sunny climate, Australia is a country where people love to wear flip flops. Unfortunately, they are not widely made in the country. Retraction Footwear wanted to create a 100% Australia-made pair of flip flops that would be both environmental-friendly and comfortable. Using flexible filaments and FDM technology, they were able to make the flip flops as soft and flexible as possible. Unlike the traditional pair made of a flat slab of foam, Retraction Footwear’s integrate thick heel cushioning along with customizable arch support.


With usual flip flops, the foam sole readily absorbs water and each step causes the water to be squeezed out and an aquaplaning effect results, removing the friction between the wearer and the ground. This is not an issue with Retraction Footwear 3D printed shoes. They are not made using foam, so they behave like a pair of regular shoes in the wet rather than traditional flip flops. They also incorporate tread to increase your traction. Although the customization of the amount of infill needs to be improved, they are already ready to withstand the roads of Australia.


Original Article: https://3dadept.com/retraction-footwear-unveils-customizable-3d-printed-thongs/


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  • These are awesome! Just received mine and they are super comfy.

    Ed Russell

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