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Ridiculously Priced Custom 3D-Printed Cycling Shoes Use iPhone App to Scan Your Feet

Among the priciest ones on the market, the LoreOne are touted as the world’s first 3D printed carbon hard-shelled bike shoes, custom created to the customer’s feet only.
Lore claims its road bike shoes are different from those of competitors because they use a scan and print technology called Morphic to achieve a perfect fit. Aware that no two feet are alike, the company uses the Morphic algorithm for sub-millimeter accuracy, which translates into a pair of cycling shoes that are comfortable and increase the rider’s performance.

Using the Morphic app, customers can scan their feet so that a shoe structure is modeled to fit their feet perfectly. The entire process takes up to half an hour. Once they are done, they will receive constant updates in the app to know when the LoreOne will be completed and ready for shipping.

Lore claims its shoe will offer higher peak watts to riders, faster sprint acceleration times, and will improve pedaling efficiency.

The LoreOne shoe uses the company’s patent-pending 3D-printed CarbonAirFrame (CAF) exoskeleton, which is fully recyclable and, according to Lore, makes this the most ventilated cycling shoe ever made. The custom footbeds are made from sustainable PU and recycled polyester. They are supposed to stimulate the soles of the feet and produce better muscular and nervous system activation, in the very own words of the manufacturer.

The LoreOne also consists of a Plush Zone, which is the padding between the CAF and the rider’s feet. It is made using ventilated foam, which also helps with the airflow and overall comfort of the shoe.

Now for the absurd price of this highly acclaimed cycling shoe. The LoreOne is available to order for $1,900, with Lore still offering 277 pairs as part of its early Founder’s Edition. Of course, every pair will be created as mentioned above, being custom scanned and 3D printed for your feet. The Founder’s Edition pairs will be built on a first order received basis and shipping for them will start by the end of this year.
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