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"Sandy" Running Shoes

A young designer Aeris Neterwala has done some designs for Adidas sneakers, which is heavier than almost any other footwear. Aeris is a graduate of the College of art and design in Pasadena. When a shoe is printed on a 3D printer it consists of several tens of layers of material, which provide support for the foot, and when pressure is on a specific area of a collapse. Running shoes mimic as if you are jogging on the sand and keep your weight only at the point of maximum pressure. The prototype of these “sandy” sneakers was produced manually, increasing the layers of granular materials on the shoes of your own sneakers. To properly distribute weight, Neterwala started to print extra layers on a 3D printer by controlling the number and density of the material in different parts of the sole.


By adding more to the heel and a collapsible structure under the middle part, functioning became easier for the shoe. Then Aeris printed stretch-thermoplastic laminated the entire shoe and placed a textile inside. At the end, he added the ability to adapt the structure of the layered framework for the individual characteristics of the runner. He offers to strengthen those parts of the structure, which accounts for the greatest burden. Running across sand causes you to exert more effort than on a hard surface, which causes it to be more popular than ordinary roads. Professional athletes would have to go to places where natural or artificial dunes would be, without this 3D printed shoe.


Original Article: https://sivtimes.com/created-prevent-running-sneakers/43764/


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  • Nice done.

    Dr Wil van Bakel

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