Santoni is displaying shoes at the international sportswear show in Munich, where the Italian company is introducing shoe upper developments. The company is focusing on its XT-Machine for sports shoe uppers. The whole shoe upper is produced by the XT knitting machine. It can provide the function of cushioning and shock absorption, and the openwork fabric improves the breathability of the upper and the ventilation of the foot. The upper is properly handled and folded, after undergoing a heat setting process, a fixing with subsequent cementing of the sole and insertion of the laces turns into a full and already completed shoe with its final shape.


An advantage offered by the technology is the possibility of developing and creating innovating uppers efficiently and quickly, reducing production time and waste. Santoni is focused on protecting its industrial property rights, and already has 12 patents relating to the technologies introduced in the XT-Machine. ISPO Munich 2020 is taking place from January 26th to 29th at the Messe Munchen exhibition center. It will be interesting to see if there are any other 3D printed shoes being displayed, and at we will definitely share if there are. 


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