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SCRY x HELIOT EMIL Debut Innovative 3D Printed Footwear Collaboration

The highly anticipated SCRY and HELIOT EMIL collaborative footwear collection is finally here!


Courtesy of Heliot Emil

First revealed at Paris Fashion Week FW22, a remarkable collaboration between SCRY and HELIOT EMIL marries SCRY’s advanced “Digital Embryo” technology with the artistic vision of “Solitary Uniform”. This unique fusion explores the intricate balance between the individuality of “Individual” and the collective nature of “Uniform”. While it made its debut during the fashion week, the eagerly awaited collection was not officially released until December 2023.


The collection’s highlight is its sustainable approach to fashion. The 3D printing technique used in the range eliminates waste entirely in the construction process. Remarkably, every fiber used in the material is designed to be repurposed, enabling the creation of new shoe designs in the future. This method stands as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in the fashion industry to date.

Courtesy of Heliot Emil

Moreover, the entire collection is crafted from 100% polyurethane. The use of a mesh construction in each design ensures that the shoes are not only resilient and flexible but also provide a soft, skin-friendly contact surface with excellent bend resistance. This unique combination of materials and design principles sets a new standard in footwear aesthetics and functionality.

Courtesy of Heliot Emil

Working with Olivia and Zixiong from SCRY has been an absolute pleasure. I absolutely love when you meet people who are so talented and passionate about innovation who also share my thoughts on aesthetics. The technology behind these boots is so extensive it is really something you have to see to believe it. I am so excited to release this collaboration and give people a chance to see the amazing work we did with SCRY.
– Creative Director Julius Juul

Courtesy of Heliot Emil

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the fusion of fashion, technology, and sustainability, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to design that is set to revolutionize the industry.


Source: https://www.designscene.net/2023/12/scry-heliot-emil.html


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