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Shapecrunch Orthotic Insoles

3D printing is affecting areas such as aerospace, because of the creation of rocket components, igniters, and more. The technology is allowing innovative automotive parts to be made for car companies. What I am here to talk to you about, however, is what 3D printing can do for footwear. We have seen everything from running shoes to high heels because designers and manufacturers have embraced the ability to prototype and manufacture products. One of the popular areas in 3D printed shoes is an orthotic insole. Those types of insoles can be time-consuming to order and expensive, so 3D printing is a good alternative option for manufacturing them. They can be made quickly and at a fraction of the price of conventional insoles. Shapecrunch is 3D printing custom insoles for consumers suffering from issues such as diabetes, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.


The company discovered that conventional equipment can be very expensive, and only a few companies and medical professionals were offering custom orthotics. The founders had already seen plenty of 3D printing and realized it was a good method to try creating comfortable insoles with. The process is completely digitized, with a doctor scanning the patient’s foot and entering data. The software transfers the data into a 3D printing model that can then be 3D printed and shipped to the patient. 3DShoes.com wants the world to see the potential in 3D printing for footwear, and this is another company proving its potential. Shapecrunch currently works with orthopedists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and podiatrists by providing them with scanning technology. They plan to begin turning a profit this year and continue to work on products that will benefit runners as well as people suffering from complications due to diabetes.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/202063/shapecrunch-3d-printed-insoles/


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