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Shoe Designer And Students' Innovative Ideas

Evelyn Schickling is the owner, founder, and shoe designer for Evelyn Ford Luxury in Phoenix, Arizona. Technology is very important to making shoes comfortable, especially when it comes to her line of fashionable luxurious shoes. She learned that when it came to heels she has to choose between them being comfortable or fashionable and she wanted to create something in between. She started off by coming up with a small arch support insert prototype, which took a year to work on. Evelyn showed her project to students at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering to try and get help through their problem-solving skills. One student had the idea to use neodymium magnets to help keep the snaps together. The project is creating collaboration between the fashion and technology department. The project includes finding a better arch support attachment and 3D printing, as well as gait testing and analysis.


Material testing has proven that 3D printed material is more robust than traditional material. It was determined that arch support that is 3D printed provides more reliable comfort. The first year Schickling was involved with the engineering students, and this year new students are working on new engineering problems of the shoe. The goal is to keep on improving the designs to make them a more comfortable fit. The project will continue to merge fashion and technology. Evelyn’s hopes are that her first big production will launch this month. Her arch support has a patent pending and she wants to help other designers incorporate them into their designs. Another winner for 3D printed shoes, and another possibility for 3DShoes.com to put into consideration.


Original Article: http://www.statepress.com/article/2018/03/spmagazine-local-shoe-designer-collaborates-with-asu-engineering-students-comfortable-wear


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