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Suavs Flexible Sneakers

Most consumers want a pair of shoes that are breathable, comfortable, and look good as well. The company Suavs has come out with a pair of sneakers that meet all these criteria. The shoes are made from a soft, breathable 3D printed knit. They also feature lightweight, non-slip rubber soles and removable, washable insoles so you can get away with not wearing socks. Ventilated uppers and sweat-eliminating help keep consumers’ feet dry and comfortable. Thanks to flexible materials the shoes feel both responsive and seamless to move in. Suavs are also designed to help prevent blisters and are made to reduce material waste. They can be bent into almost any shape which makes them convenient for traveling.


In terms of cost, you will be looking to spend between $50 and $110. They are ready for traveling and everyday life and are available for both genders, although they are unisex. Men have the option of the classic Zilker, the Zilker in air mesh, and the Legacy which is a high-top. As for women, they have the same options except for the Barton which is a loafer. The colors of the sneakers rang from fiery red and salmon pink to neutral colors. The Suavs’ website and range of options are limited, but the product is very good. The sizing can be a little off, but they are comfortable, versatile, and worth the price if you can get your hands on a pair.


Original Article: https://www.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/These-flexible-95-sneakers-are-knit-from-a-13531837.php


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