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The Earth Shoe

NYC based companies, Zellerfeld and Querencia Studios, are taking their first step by launching a limited-edition Earth Suit Shoe which is fully 3D printed. Querencia Studio created the Design, while 3D printing company Zellerfeld Inc. is using its technology to print the shoes. The technology was developed by Cornelius Schmitt and Peter Graeff who invested 3 years developing a filament-extrusion-based 3D printed to be used for footwear. The Earth Shoe will likely be the first of several models to be developed. It was made as a tribute to the moon landing, which is why it was launched on the event’s anniversary. Cornelius put a lot of effort into the project to get closer to a product launch. His team included Adidas engineers, and the company moved from his basement in Germany to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. After raising the funds, he installed 30 43d printers at the Canvas store of Querencia Studio.


With a reservation, you will receive an email with details on the Zellerfeld customization process which will take place in Brooklyn, New York. This requires the individual to be present for a 30-minute consulting session with the Zellerfeld session. After the scans are made, custom shoes will be printed on-site and ready within 48 hours. Every shoe will be unique, and soles will be printed with the impression of the first moon step by Neil Armstrong. Many designers have tried to go down this path with 3D printed shoes. Both the technology and designs of 3D printed shoes have continued to improve, and more companies are investing in it.


Original Article: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/zellerfeld-fully-3d-printed-shoe/


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