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This 3D Printed Shoe Is Designed for Mars

3D Printed Mars shoe
3D Printed Mars shoe

The ‘Red Comet’ running shoe is a novel innovation designed to tackle the specific challenges posed by the low-gravity environment of Mars. Developed by Nolan Le Goff, a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, this 3D printed footwear aims to mitigate the adverse effects of reduced gravity on the human body during potential Mars settlements.

Mars, with its gravity equivalent to only 38% of Earth’s, presents significant health risks for future astronauts and settlers. Prolonged exposure to such low gravity can lead to muscle atrophy and bone density loss, threatening the physical well-being of individuals living on the Red Planet.


To counteract these effects, the ‘Red Comet’ incorporates a unique design feature. Each shoe weighs 7.5 kilograms, intentionally adding mass to simulate the stress and resistance experienced during exercise on Earth. This deliberate weight augmentation aims to mimic terrestrial workout conditions, potentially helping maintain muscle strength and bone density in Martian settlers.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of the ‘Red Comet’ contributes to its innovative nature. Utilizing 3D printing technology, these shoes can be produced efficiently and could potentially be manufactured in space, reducing the need for transporting large quantities of footwear from Earth to Mars.

All images in this article are courtesy of Nolan.



Source: https://settingmind.com/this-3d-printed-shoe-is-designed-for-mars/

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