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UnisBrands Recyclable 3D Printed Shoes

Many people like buying shoes, wearing shoes, and even collecting shoes. Not very many people decide to create their own but Nick Unis, who we have mentioned before on 3DShoes.com, is doing just that. Before college Unis had an interest in sneakers where he and his brother would buy special edition Nikes and sell them at higher prices. They then transitioned into customizing pairs of shoes, until they were eventually given a cease-and-desist from Nike. Four years later Nick created a shoe company where every single shoe is 3D printed and made out of entirely recyclable material. First, they design everything on a computer first. Then they are split up into components and either 3D print or 3D knit the shoe. He learned how to fully utilize a 3D printer to grow his company.


Most printers weren’t able to affordably create a flexible fabric, so Nick had to create his own machine and software. Unis uses ground-up plastic bottles and natural rubber to create his shoe. By melting down the plastic, he is able to force the material into a thread, which allows him to create the fabric and laces he uses. From there each part of the shoe is 3D printed layer by layer with the outsole being covered in the rubber. Because Unis’ shoes are made from 100-percent recyclable material and eco-friendly, he is able to guarantee that his products won’t end up in a landfill or the ocean. Unis brands only prints when a pair of 3D printed shoes are ordered. So, you will only see a select number of pairs during Fashion Week.


Original Article: https://onwardstate.com/2020/01/30/penn-state-senior-changing-shoe-game-forever-preparing-to-debut-sustainable-line-at-new-york-fashion-week/


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